This GitLab installation is only for private and DHBW Mannheim lecture usage. It is not allowed to use it for commercial purposes.

Storage and usage of private and personal data

User data is only stored for the purpose of sign in and notifying of repository changes. Personal (or any other data) will not be sold or given away for any other purpose than repository or lecture usage of the DHBW Mannheim.

Which data is stored and for which purpose?

  • First and last name - to assign DHBW course
  • DHBW course (in Groups)- to assign correct repositories
  • email address - to reset password, repository and course notifications

Deletion of private and personal data

All data will be deleted after the lecture at DHBW Mannheim is finished. This may take up to 3-6 month after the lecture.

If you like to delete your data, please delete your account!